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Economic Profiles

Invest in Emerson-Franklin Community Profile

An economic snapshot of Emerson-Franklin. 


Logistics Hub & Trade Corridor Sector Profile

Featured opportunities to invest in Emerson-Franklin's Logistics Hub & Trade Corridor.


Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Sector Profile

Featured opportunities to invest in outdoor recreation, tourism,  health and wellness.


Targeted Residential Development Sector Profile

Featured opportunities to invest in Emerson-Franklin's housing market.


Information Tech. & Energy Innovation Sector Profile

Featured opportunities for Emerson-Franklin as a technology and energy innovation hub.


Agriculture, Food & Beverage Sector Profile

Featured opportunities to invest in agricultural enterprises, agri-food businesses, and support services.


Rural Manitoba Economic Development Association

RMED is a community economic development association with the purpose to improve, support and increase success for economic development in rural Manitoba communities.

Economic Development & Investment Support
Municipal Planning Documents

Emerson-Franklin Development Plan

The Development Plan provides a framework of goals, objectives, and policies for management and use of land, along with its future development, within the Emerson-Franklin municipal boundaries.


Emerson-Franklin Zoning By-law

Emerson-Franklin's Zoning bylaw regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings within the Municipality and supports in implementing the Development Plan.


Provincial Planning

Manitoba Provincial Land Use Planning Regulation

The Provincial Land Use Policies reflect the Manitoba government’s interest in land and resource use and sustainable development, and provides policy direction for land use planning.

Manitoba Provincial Planning Act

The purpose of this legislation is to provide a community planning framework for Manitoba that promotes economic growth, environmental sustainability, social and cultural development, and sustainable communities.

Planning Resource Guide: Subdivision in Manitoba

The Planning Resource Guide provides the necessary process, requirements and expectations regarding subdivision approvals.

Municipal Strategic Plan 2022-2023

Our Municipal Strategic Plan is a roadmap for embracing a collective vision that is based on the needs, values and community strengths.


Emerson-Franklin Community Development Corporation Strategic Plan 2.0

The CDC's mission is to to encourage, attract and promote business, jobs, and education to enhance our community. Our Strategic Plan outline three economic pillars with a set of corresponding action items and outcomes.

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Emerson Port Authority Concept

The Emerson Pembina Port Authority Concept is a similar Port Authority concept as found with Airports and other Ports of Entry (ie. bridge and marine), which would create a new and sustainable source of capital for infrastructure improvements to efficiently move commercial goods into North Dakota – USA.


Multi-Phase Hwy 201 Road Improvement

This report validates the need for improvements to Highway (HWY) 201 that will aid economic development for the Province of Manitoba and the communities of Emerson-Franklin, Piney and Stuartburn.


Tourism Action Plan 2022-2023

The Mission is to grow tourism in southern Manitoba through branding and marketing, enhancing tourism products and leveraging community support.

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Strategy & Policy

A Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan

Manitoba's bold climate vision is to become Canada's cleanest, greenest, and most climate resilient province.


Energy Efficiency Option Analysis for Municipal Buildings

A feasibility study for district community-based renewable heat and renewable energy systems capitalize on local resources.


Climate Action & Sustainability

Reports & Publications

Manitoba Aggriculture

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in Emerson-Franklin? There are Several Resources and Supports Available to Assist Investors and Business.

Business Opportunities

Stats &


Available Information From Emerson-Franklin
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