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Emerson and Dominion City are Emerson-Franklin’s two largest town centres, both of which have an established main street area with distinct architectural features that date back to the late nineteenth century. Our town centres strike a balance between the feel of a close-knit community and the amenities of an established downtown. There are plenty of unique infill development opportunities among these historic town centres, which include: 

  • Church, Dominion and Main Street in Emerson 

  • Waddell Avenue in Dominion City 

  • Main Street in Tolstoi​​​​​

Development Opportunities Southern Manitoba



Cost for land in Emerson-Franklin are among Canada’s most affordable. We offer an attractive place for residential development and a streamlined process for tapping into our available serviced land. 

There are several identified development areas across the Municipality with a full range of services, including: 

  • Targeted development areas with a full range of municipal services, energy and digital technology

  • Standard potable water and sanitary waste systems and treatment facilities 

  • Available areas for seasonal recreational development

  • Available construction, trades and construction materials supply​​​

Manitoba Railway Train



Life in Emerson-Franklin is envied for its stark prairie beauty, rich community heritage and strong social ties. With modern infrastructure technology, growing entrepreneurship and leadership, Emerson-Franklin offers a small-town quality of life along with the benefits of modern urban amenities and services. With low housing prices, affordable consumer goods and services, along with attractive incentives, living in Emerson-Franklin means doing more within your means, and more time to spend on the activities that matter most to you. 


Emerson-Franklin is an attractive place to live. Whether you are seeking an urban setting or rural living, we offer unmatched potential with affordable land, quality municipal service provision, and age-friendly communities. 

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• Younger population will need affordable housing options 

• Land available in urban centres 

Hotel and 


Located just north of the busiest land border crossing in western Canada, Emerson-Franklin is an ideal location for accommodations for travellers 

Rural Residential


Since 2020 our rural communities have experienced the largest growth rate in terms of new residences 

Senior’s Housing 

(Independent and 

Assisted Living)

• Continuing Care Retirement Community 

• Active Living Centre Development 

Seasonal Recreation


With 8 different campgrounds scattered across the Municipality, we offer plenty of seasonal lots 


Living Centre

• Recreation Services 

• Retail Services 

• Fitness Programs

Investment Opportunities

Emerson-Franklin’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the Targeted Residential Development sector: 

Southern Aggriculture

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in Emerson-Franklin? There are Several Resources and Supports Available to Assist Investors and Business.

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Opportunity Zone 

Redirecting a grant of up to 100% of accruing municipal tax to targeted development projects like multi-family housing.

Shared Building Ownership 

The Municipality and investor would create a joint venture to make more equity capital available. 

Municipality of Emerson-Franklin


Several incentives and supports are available and open to discussion with our Staff and Council to assist you in achieving your business objectives. 

Residential Development Opportunities

Targeted Residential


Sector Profile

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