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Reasons To Invest



As part of the International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, Emerson-Franklin benefits from serving as the critical entry point into the United States facilitating north-south trade between Canada, US and Mexico. There is significant capacity to grow and build upon a Logistics Hub and Trade Corridor concept, particularly as it relates to the development of warehousing and distribution facilities, equipment and vehicle service centres, and agricultural supply and support services. 



Emerson-Franklin is known as the gateway to Manitoba and the Canadian mid-west. Its shared border crossing with Pembina, North Dakota sees an estimated $20 billion dollars in commercial trade activity each year, in addition to approximately 200,000 American travellers and 600,000 Canadian travellers based on pre-pandemic trends.

The Mid Canada Gateway features approximately 120-acres of land for commercial/retail add light industrial.



Operating your business here in Emerson-Franklin means access to a skilled and experienced workforce. Rooted in agri-food, transportation and logistics, especially within the Canola industry, the Municipality is poised for growth, expansion and the strengthening of this core. We have a young, yet aging population with above-average youth and older adults in our Municipality looking to offer their unique skills and experience. 



Emerson-Franklin is an attractive place for commercial and industrial development. We are home to the most significant land-based international port in Western Canada. We offer a stable and savvy workforce, an abundance of land and available infrastructure, and knowledgeable staff to help you achieve your investment objectives. 

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& Retail

• Large Format Commercial / Retail 

• Small Scale & Strip Retail 

• Gas/EV Station & Convenience Shopping 

Agricultural Supply 

& Services

• Food Processing and Packaging 

• Seed retail, agronomy services, soil sampling 

Warehousing & 

Distribution Centres

• High volumes of commercial traffic 

• Close proximity to the POE 

• Available sites near rail traffic and the Municipal Wastewater lagoon

Trucking Hub

& Rail Park

• Access to global supply chain

• $53 million dollars of commercial freight is processed at the Emerson-Pembina border each day

• Access to three Class 1 railways (CN, CP, and BNSF Railway)


Industrial Lots

• Available and affordable land (lots can be combined)

• Large industrial lots with available logistics and digital infrastructure

Investment Opportunities

Emerson-Franklin’s economic experts have analyzed and identified the following markets to have unique and favourable opportunities within the municipality’s Outdoor & Recreation Tourism sector: 

Dominion City Aggriculture

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in Emerson-Franklin? There are Several Resources and Supports Available to Assist Investors and Business.

Connect With Us

Opportunity Zone 

Redirecting a grant of up to 100% of accruing municipal tax to targeted development projects like multi-family housing.

Shared Building Ownership 

The Municipality and investor would create a joint venture to make more equity capital available. 

Municipality of Emerson-Franklin


Several incentives and supports are available and open to discussion with our Staff and Council to assist you in achieving your business objectives. 

Manitoba Trade

Logistics Hub &

Trade Corridor

Sector Profile

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