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Aggriculture Manitoba

Ready to start your next business investment or expansion in Emerson-Franklin? There are Several Resources and Supports Available to Assist Investors and Business.

Invest in Emerson-Franklin

Known for its rich heritage, picturesque prairie landscapes and unique location to the Emerson-Pembina international border. Discover what makes Emerson-Franklin special. 

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We are known for our winding Roseau River and striking contrast between historic towns and surrounding flat prairie countryside. Emerson-Franklin is a community of communities, each with their own unique characteristics adding to the diversity of the municipality as a whole.

Discover what makes Emerson-Franklin unique and attractive for investment.

Why Invest With Us

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Our Location,

Your Advantage

There are several communities within and beyond the immediate surrounding that contribute to the overall economy, including the communities of Dominion City, Tolstoi, Ridgeville, Arnaud, Rosa, and Roseau River. Emerson-Franklin is located on the southern edge of Manitoba and the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene Peoples, and the homeland of the Red River Metis. 

In total, the Municipality neighbours the RM of De Salaberry to the north, the RM of Montcalm to the west, the RM of Stuartburn to the east, and the United States to the south, North Dakota and Minnesota. 

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Key Sectors

Discover Emerson-Franklin's sectors of interest. Our economic experts have identified, analyzed and compiled key information on the following sectors that are being actively targeted due to their unique and favourable opportunities.



Emerson-Franklin's infrastructure network supports their well-established transportation and agriculture industry. 


Many of the business and industrial parks throughout the municipality are located along a strategic digital, highway and rail system for excellent transportation and logistics. 


to Markets

Emerson-Franklin has always served as a major point for trade and commerce. With its position along the International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, its rail and road network system and access to the major North American markets makes Emerson-Franklins markets access unrivalled. 



Lively, Vibrant,

and Desirable 

Emerson-Franklin is a community of communities, each with their own distinct story and history to share. With many heritage, arts, and active living and wellness amenities as well as it close proximity to Winnipeg, the communities in Emerson-Franklin are an attractive destination for urban individuals and families looking to experience a small town atmosphere while remaining close to safe, major urban areas. 


& Tourism

Located next to markets in both Winnipeg and the United States, its communities' art galleries and public art installations showcase the creativity of the area, while specialized museums, historic sites, allow locals and visitors to explore its storied past. Whereas its long water-based trail, with over 50 kilometres of whitewater rapids and the several parks and campgrounds  position Emerson-Franklin to build on its outdoor recreation and tourism sector. 



Emerson-Franklin is a community hub for various industries and employers. Located along Highway 75 and Provincial Roads 200 and 201 with available land and access to diverse markets, Emerson-Franklin is in a position to meet investment objectives. The municipality has affordable land and properties in various areas suitable for commercial services, targeted residential, and industrial projects. 

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